Listenables Loss is Your Gain. Thriving with Bipolar Lessons 1-5

35 minutes

You know if something feels wrong for you at the get go just say NO. After months of bullsh*t and angst and a green light Listenable pulled the plug on my course Thriving with Bipolar.. Whatever. I never wanted to be a sellout anyway. Here's my unedited class for FREE.. Lesson 1 - what is Bipolar. Lesson 2 what is Mania lesson 3 what is Depression. Lesson 4 I think i have Bipolar what do i do ? Lesson 5 - Medication


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Cleaning up some leftover thoughts and putting some closure on things I might have mentioned but never finished telling you the outcome. I'm trying really hard to keep it together guys... โ€ฆ

As it Should Be. Thriving with Bipolar Lessons 9 -15

Not everything works out the way you want it to.. I'm not sure I ever really wanted this but I did put effort into it... Being a sell out did bother me though.. So in conclusion it all โ€ฆ

Your Gain....Listenables Loss. Thriving with Bipolar Lessons 6-8

Just say No if it feels wrong. But you guys wouldn't get the course for Free if I hadn't tried. Unedited course..lmao. Lesson 6 - Therapy. Lesson 7 - โ€ฆ

You ARE who you think yourself to BECOME with SEV. Part 2.

Part 2 with Sev. We get into hypnosis,hypnotherapy and quantum leaping into the life you want. We also discuss further the manifestation of lack and how you might be doing this without โ€ฆ

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