At least Jan had better hair than Marcia Marcia Marcia. AKA Comparison is Deadly

32 minutes

Hey everyone. Still harboring this disproportionate feeling UN being good enough. It's illogical I know this yet I'm still struggling to figure out how not to feel so inadequate.. plus there was a tragic event in the house that has retriggered some unresolved issues/grief around Doc of all things. So yeah it's been an awesome week check out my interview should be up in the next 3 weeks. Also check out SelfPause daily affirmations AND the WISDOM app both for Android and apple devices. Look for me as a top mentor on the WISDOM app as DawnSherine Bernard or just Dawnsherine. I just got this gig so its kind of bleak right now. That will be changing soon. STAY ALIVE YOU MATTER!!


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