Validation is Vindication

Hi. So I just wanted to try and get back on schedule lol.. I really wanted to share with you all some more truths about some of the tougher choices โ€ฆ

Lets spill some T.

Hi. Ok I honestly have no idea where half these thoughts came from or why it was so important to tell some of this **TRIGGER WARNINGS**

I still miss you Christopher Richmond

Hi. Yeah its that day. Not a lot to say except please don't commit suicide. Call 988 in the US and check out my Instagram. (DancingwithBipolar) โ€ฆ

PISTOL SLIPPERS ROCK aka Oh We have an anthem btw.

Hey ... Power outage for days got me triggered and bummed.. Like Big Dip kind of deal.. Then this song came around me and it kind of really changed my pity party attitude right fucking โ€ฆ

Its Tricky...

Hey...was really kind of feeling crappy and a bit triggered by the past. Really not maybe giving myself the break i give everyone else. But after โ€ฆ

Live Hate Speech?? Not on my watch posse!

Hey.. My heart is still pumping after this encounter with a youtube tarot reader. IGNORANT about Bipolar. I schooled her by reporting her for hate โ€ฆ

And then my brain shut down...

Hey... There's honestly a whole lot of nothing going on in my physical world. Mentally though yeah .. Its like one too many hits of nitrous one โ€ฆ

Spontaneous Panic

Hey Everyone. Kind of a one off for a Monday but I was compelled to check in. This weird compulsive panic has breached his head again..and though โ€ฆ

Stand Up Drama Show

Hey.. So here is the end of the cautionary tale of helping people without boundaries.. Mania is still obviously hanging around but this past week was mellowing and I learned a lot. Season 5 โ€ฆ

Water Colored Emotion

Hey.. Im good-ish. Trying so hard to stay on balance as this next period of time filled with past trauma boomerangs for the third time. I lost my energy quick on this when I started talking โ€ฆ

Its not All about me

Hey. The straddle between mania and depression SUCKS. You know?! Anyway this show somehow turned into a positive message about expectations and reality and how maybe sometimes it actually โ€ฆ

You're Kidding, Right?!

Hey. Im ultimately ok just feeling a bit whiplashed by life. And honestly even google doesn't have the answer all the time.. So my best action is to โ€ฆ

Why the Panic???

Hey. Its been an extremely anxiety filled week. Panic attacks and the whole deal.. Its been a minute since I've been here.. I share this normal โ€ฆ

Manic Aftermath Clean Up Party AKA SHOW #200

Hey there. I just realized this is the 200th show. YAY! I talk about the aftermath of my last manic ride and my financial hiccup that has come along with it. The clean up after mania is โ€ฆ

Hope Manipulated Me

Hey. Im still really purging all the trauma out of me from this homeless shelter/ indentured servitude program I left.. It really sucks because the more I vent the more comes up.. Its โ€ฆ

Apex Predator

Hey... So this is just kind of a verbal release of a lot of surprising shit I wasn't even expecting to say, but really needed to get out of me. Yeah the past 18+ months has really been a โ€ฆ


Hi. Guess what.. I AM NO LONGER HOMELESS!!! Within 3 weeks my girl AA at Catholic Charities got me into a trailer with a year lease.. Yeah.. โ€ฆ

MegaloDawn Returns

Hey. Well im not as manic as last week.. but im still not quite grounded yet.. You know im straddling that mania to depression line. I got another tattoo. A Megalodon or as Christopher โ€ฆ


Hey.. Yes im completely manic it hypo manic.. Dont remember the exact parameters of how its judged. Ok im all over the place here especially in the โ€ฆ

Splatter Paint

Hey. This show is a train wreck.. Listen you'll see. Lol. Im everywhere on this with all the Sunday train interruptions that we all love. I know โ€ฆ


Hey. There's a lot going on. You know its always feast or famine right?? However im getting better with rolling with the stuff and landing soft when โ€ฆ

6 and a Wakeup

Hey . so honestly this is a 2day show and I got super distracted. It happens. Today I am one week out from the curriculum part of this โ€ฆ

Angry? Manic? Unhappy!

Hi. I'm pretty sure I'm really angry and disappointed with "authority" figures in my life. The two step of untruths they practice make me feel morally filthy. 2 more real classes left to โ€ฆ


Hey, So its the 3rd birthday without Christopher. Time just lessens the sting. I plead with all of you to get help if you are even entertaining the idea of exiting life too soon. In the US โ€ฆ

Ice Capades in Flagstaff or How I broke my pinky

Hey.. I'm on pain meds right now so this what I recall the show being about. ouch.. movie.. ouch.. urgent care.. broken finger.. pain meds. Home.. pajamas. That's about it. โ€ฆ

๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’ฅ๐ŸŽ‰ 50,000 listens on Spotify? You don't say๐Ÿ™Š!

Hey there. Yeah the title kind of gives this away but sometimes it's good to be transparent. Lol. It's ALWAYS good to be transparent!! There's some โ€ฆ


Hey.. Holy Crap posse I've lost my ever loving mind.. I'm not feeling manic at all yet the evidence has not followed the proper chain of command so. โ€ฆ

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

Hi. This is kind of a weird show. ๐Ÿ˜‚. It's all over the place to be honest as am I right now. But it's all good and OH there is an amazing business idea buried in it. No kidding. โฉHERE IS โ€ฆ

Sloth with Mania - LIVE

Hey.. MANIA LIVE I am still manic-ish. My mind is at ultra warp speed but my body is not. Having a hard time keeping it even mildly under wraps. Idk. โ€ฆ


I'm going manic.. I'm nearly at the point of not being able to head it off on my own, but I'm totally attempting to do so.. there's just an underlying feeling of frantic ness in everything โ€ฆ

Caged Tiger Birthday 2023

Hey. Welcome to 2023 posse.. WE MADE IT!!!!!! This is a seriously discombobulated show so enjoy that.LoL. Just glad to be here in 2023. Love Each โ€ฆ

Non Authentic Forced Fraud Christmas

Hey.. only one more day to go and finally the worst few weeks of the year will be done.. I absolutely dislike this season. Ugh. I stopped taking โ€ฆ

Round Two is Already Beat !

Hey There... So this is an infomercial basically about my health. As usual started pretty mopey and Eeyore but flipped it quick.. one of my skills.. STAY ALIVE YOU MATTER


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Real People ARE Homeless

Hey. So I kind of go on a rant about homelessness and societies agenda on how they treat people without houses. I think there's also a lot of trains that made for interesting timing on โ€ฆ

Holiday Buffet with some Jesus on the Side

Hey there. This is a completely rambling mish mish show. I'm not even sure I tie it together neatly at the end. However there is a lot of laughing and even a message I think ๐Ÿค”. Happy โ€ฆ

Posse Strong ๐Ÿค 

Hey. I know it's been a minute but I've been struggling with suicidal ideations and now the first weeks of being on lithium. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. I was not hospitalized though so that's a win. I've also โ€ฆ

At the Intersection of Suicidal and Ideation โฉ ***TRIGGER WARNING***. โช

Hi. Yeah I'm slogging through some deep depression.. Hit like a sledgehammer between the eyes. I'm working it out but you all know I don't hide my shit from you. This is real. Raw and โ€ฆ

Rabbit Hole Roundabout

Hey.. I started this show with a definite plan, got distracted by a hummingbird and lost the whole train of thought ๐Ÿค”. But a lot of it had to do โ€ฆ

Triggered Much?!

Hey. I've been holding it together really well for a bit. Not letting anyone see how much crap is actually affecting me. But the thing is I have been โ€ฆ

Church Hurt, Mental Health and God with Chris Morris

Hi. Chris and I speak openly about our experiences within the church regarding our mental health struggles, suicidality and visits to the psych ward. Be prepared for an open, honest and โ€ฆ

Full Cycle Reset

Hey. Been a week of whirlwinds and completions. I got through a bunch of stuff I never wanted to do yet really great because of it. The hard things really bring the greatest rewards. So โ€ฆ

LowMania Style

Hey.. this show is all over the place. I didn't start with a clue as to what I was going to say anyway. Lol. However there is something about โ€ฆ

Christopher Richmond's been 2years since the unthinkable happened. Time doesn't heal all wounds it just helps it become less intense. Please seek help if you feel suicide is the only option.. I promise โ€ฆ


Hey. I've been doing a lot of work in the area of forgiveness and you know there is actually something to it. Whether you believe in God or not it's not a bad thing to do - for your own โ€ฆ

Ain't No Thing Really

Hey. Seriously I was all kinds of upset when I started this but I've calmed my butt down by talking to you guys and just working it out.. Had some stupid unfortunate things come to light โ€ฆ

PostPartum Bipolar Disorder IS a real thing with Jessica Ekhoff

I go on an adventure as Jessica tells her story of childbirth to mania to hospitalization in a 10 day span. It's a rollercoaster with a message of โ€ฆ


Hey Posse.. man oh man has it been a crappy past week. Broken tooth from the fall, a giraffe throwing me under the camel, and nearly being exited from the program for fraternization with โ€ฆ

๐Ÿ›Ÿ My Depression Needs Help๐Ÿ›Ÿ

Hi. I've had a serious slump in my depression the past few weeks. Finally went and got some help and a med adjustment so I'm on my way back up. Started a new show so I can split the โ€ฆ

Controlled Stability is actually Chaos for me.

Hey.. still feeling pretty awful. This depressed mania is fatiguing. Theres some underlying factors of course that aren't helping. I'll ride it out โ€ฆ

Monsoons and Me AKA Intense In Tents.

Hey. Omigosh monsoons are here and this was a good one. I wanted you folks to hear what it's like to be in a tent while a monsoon moves over you. I โ€ฆ

๐Ÿ†˜ Crashing Down ๐Ÿ†˜

Hey everyone. Well as predicted the depression has hit. Can only stay up for so long before gravity pulls you back down. I'm just flat out stressed, โ€ฆ

LOVE VS MANIA AKA Chemical Imbalance Cage Match

Hey. I might be manic. I might be falling hard for someone ๐Ÿฆ’. Yeah I don't know what's happening, but I don't want parts of it to stop. I try to rationalize what is happening pretty โ€ฆ

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Hey. This is kind of a mess. Started on Sunday pretty angry and ended today fairly manic. It's life, right. I talk about a bunch of stuff going on with me with a bit of ranting and โ€ฆ

Catch a Rising Star with Jordan O'Halloran

On Jordans very first promo appearance for her YA novel - Clean up on Aisle Three we discuss bipolar, meds, support systems, glitter tooth and โ€ฆ

I Got The Dumbs

Hey there.. so it's been a super good week even with the sunburn, higher than normal blood pressure and heart arrhythmia; of which I am pretty sure are inter-related. I've done a lot of โ€ฆ

The Parables of Wise Advice

I jabber on about a lot of stuff here. Christopher and how I need to overcome the grief surrounding his death, a little about Peanut and Doc, maybe becoming a missionary at some point and โ€ฆ

CHAMPIONS don't fall they RECOVER with Dustin Bailey

I interview Dustin Bailey Celebrate Recovery Regional Mental Health Champion - West. We talk Bipolar, God and Celebrate Recovery plus having โ€ฆ

Maybe Tech Issues are God's way of preventing a bad show.

Ugh!!! Tech gotta love it.. The past two days have been fraught with issues around one interview. Even on the reschedule my internet just dropped as โ€ฆ

Disciples, Minions and Sadducees OH MY

Hey everyone. It's really been a week with the fire here in Flagstaff and all that coexists with such an event. However it snowed and the fire is much less at the fire front of my thoughts โ€ฆ

Fire on the Mountain

So Flagstaff is on of it anyway I'm sitting at a vantage point where I can see plumes of smoke.. the wind is wicked and I'm just a tad โ€ฆ

Easterโœ๏ธ, a past life review๐Ÿ”™, and a 3 year anniversary๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‰

Hi. It's Easter And the Three year Anniversary of when I started this Podcast. 2 momentous events in my life.. I review a little about why I โ€ฆ


Just a super quick catch up to let you all know I'm doing fine. Thanks to everyone reaching out to me I appreciate your support more than I can say. ๐Ÿ’›. STAY ALIVE YOU MATTER


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๐Ÿ’ŽThe Multi-Faceted Mom with CHARISE JEWELL๐Ÿ’Ž

I have a long awaited conversation with my friend Charise about her experience with Bipolar 1. We speak about her breakdowns, inpatient stays, side โ€ฆ

At least Jan had better hair than Marcia Marcia Marcia. AKA Comparison is Deadly

Hey everyone. Still harboring this disproportionate feeling UN being good enough. It's illogical I know this yet I'm still struggling to figure out how not to feel so inadequate.. plus โ€ฆ

But I don't want to be you..

Hey. This is a shout out to those of us feeling pressured to be someone that we are not supposed to be. YOU ARE YOU AND THAT'S PERFECTION!! โ€ฆ

Don't judge me through the dirty windows of your glass house.

So I'm not a 100% right now. If I were I would be worried that I'm no longer human yet I'm being judged for not being full of joy by someone who โ€ฆ

Get Over Yourself, Dawn.

A week and a bunch of reflection later I realize what a sniveling idiot I was. Granted things are never Perfect anywhere and what I was whining about was legit; however it was somewhat โ€ฆ

You can't Break the Broken

You know sometimes it really is the people around you that are the defining factor in choices we make. Right now I'm debating on staying in this program or doing my thing without this โ€ฆ

My Gift to You for Christopher's Birthday.

Hey. It's the eve of Bris's birthday. I'm not going to lie I've been grieving, his death and the loss of the perceived future I hoped for us. I've also been compounding the grief with a โ€ฆ

๐Ÿ˜„The High Lows๐Ÿ˜ž

Hey everyone. Just one of those weeks that the downward slide hit hard. I think I got it figured out and nothing that a trip to Sedona AZ can't heal. ๐ŸŒž. Season 4: The Year of โ€ฆ

My Castle Window Only Faces Forward

Hey everyone.. I'm in a bit of a reflective mood about how I got to Flagstaff and how there was absolute divine intervention to get me out of Running โ€ฆ

๐ŸฆกAin't No Thang๐Ÿฆก

Hey. Not a whole lot going on. Holding steady right now which is really uncomfortable to me as I'm used to total chaos. Lol right? Seriously though โ€ฆ

Fasting + Honey Badgers = Gratitude

Hey everyone.. this is kind of a mashup of all kinds of thoughts and reflections of my past week. Of course there is a bigger message involved among โ€ฆ

Separated from the herd in order to learn how to lead them

Hey everyone.. I might be a tiny bit manic so there's some jumping around from topic to topic but I do pull it together and have an epiphany towards โ€ฆ

Resigned to the in-between

Hey.. kind of blah and just not feeling like anything is moving forward. I hate the hurry up and wait aspect of life and really hate when I feel like my life is suspended due to โ€ฆ

Pacing your way to Victory

Hey there. So I'm not really sure what this show was really supposed to be about. Seriously.. I honestly just wanted to talk to all of you and in the process answered a question I didn't โ€ฆ


Hey it's my birthday.. 57 years of life and guess what? I just started to understand what it is to live. Better NOW than later. Anyway enjoy the interview and my birthday introspection. โ€ฆ


New Year's Eve in Arizona. Out with the old and in with the new. Plus almost happy birthday to me. Let's Welcome Singapore and India to the posse. โ€ฆ

YOU are the gift the world needs

Ok.. so I had a couple of really bad days.. I let myself go there , (not on purpose) and dug myself out.. Each of us has the power to change ourselves in order to change our part of the โ€ฆ

Just another homeless hobo at Christmas

Another bad morning.. I hate being lied to as much as I hate this situation I put myself in. I don't know what God wants me to do anymore but contemplating my choice to live or die everyday โ€ฆ

The Christmas Black and Blues are right on time

Hey everyone. I was definitely going through it when I recorded this a few hours ago. Most of us go through some depression at this time if year I am no exception.. the lesson here is that โ€ฆ

The Christmas Gifts of Grace, Humility and Mercy

Hey.. it's a week out from Christmas. This is my attempt at a Christmas message. I love you .. All of you. May the spirit of the season fill you hope and love. STAY ALIVE YOU MATTER



Hi everyone.. so I survived Covid and my cruisemates which was more difficult than the virus... I talk about the mental health strain from being in โ€ฆ

Celebration Place cruise with The COVID

Guess who got Covid?? Yup. So just a quick catch up here about how much fun im having in quarantine and how I'm dealing with it. At least there's 4 of us quarantined together so the party โ€ฆ

Catch up Buffet

Hi. Yeah this is a show that started with no direction did a u-turn and wound up somewhere.. not sure where.. in summary glad we got through Thanksgiving, don't do things in grief, stay โ€ฆ

Breakdown Lane to the Future

I fill you guys in on this past week. A very hard week with decisions I didn't want to make or even face. Dorm issues and irresponsible people that are driving me crazier. I also touch on โ€ฆ

God, Suicide and the Miracle Deer

You know those days when you just don't know how you're gonna get through it? Yeah it started out like that but it won't be ending like that. My transition into the safe house has become โ€ฆ

The First Days of the Flagstaff Saga

I fill you guys in on my first week of being displaced in Flagstaff AZ. It's not as awful as it sounds considering I chose this over the Hell of โ€ฆ


Hey hey hey.. After a 2 week vacation at the White Mountains most luxurious spa I'm back.. No suicide or anything crazy like that just a breakdown. I've relocated for a bit in AZ.. maybe โ€ฆ

You have to save your own life

It's been a minute guys sorry. I lost track of time during this eviction process. I'm still at the StarGate so there's your clue as to how it went ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Been a year today from when I heard โ€ฆ

Is It Real or is it Memorex Matrix Style?

So I've been served eviction papers. Which I am looking at as if my soul is being returned to me right what's that all about. Not sure. But either โ€ฆ


hey everyone.. still above ground. Things are as weird as you could imagine and maybe I am in some form of long form delusion.. not sure. Rock โ€ฆ

And then God told me to listen to him..So I did.

Hey. I've really been going through it here in the ghetto. Pending eviction death threats macing of Peanut and being led by God the whole time. The โ€ฆ

The DOC Show. A tribute to the dog that saved me.

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Doc completed his mission and moved on. This is a brief history of my Boo Bah and how he changed my life. Also a very brief rundown on my โ€ฆ

I FEEL GOOD. AKA the woo woo edition

I fill you guys in on how I shifted that negative mindset from last week of feeling like the world was against me to maybe it wasn't the whole โ€ฆ

๐ŸฐJust say NO to that rabbit hole๐Ÿฐ

I'm having a big bump in my stability due to forces beyond my control.. What I can control I am.. Asking for emotional help and guidance from those โ€ฆ

How Much Thought does the Thought Leader Think??

Hey there... I'm not struggling as badly as I have been the past few months but you know there is always something that gets way back burnered while were ill.. For me it's the dishes.. Ugh! โ€ฆ

I'm NOT playing games for the record.

Yup.. The place I live in is playing games and my behavioural health place may have lobotomized it's staff. Both are super bad for my mental health stability.. Does it seem like all the โ€ฆ

C'mon Lets Get (h)APPY. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

We're getting an App.. Like US.. This community.. I WANT YOUR INPUT.. Please help me develop something that changes how we interact with our diagnosis and each other.. Then I kind of โ€ฆ


Well it starts out as a recap of mothers day and why i didn't do a show.. Some childhood trauma history revealed.. Then it starts morphing like โ€ฆ


Cleaning up some leftover thoughts and putting some closure on things I might have mentioned but never finished telling you the outcome. I'm trying really hard to keep it together guys... โ€ฆ

As it Should Be. Thriving with Bipolar Lessons 9 -15

Not everything works out the way you want it to.. I'm not sure I ever really wanted this but I did put effort into it... Being a sell out did bother me though.. So in conclusion it all โ€ฆ

Your Gain....Listenables Loss. Thriving with Bipolar Lessons 6-8

Just say No if it feels wrong. But you guys wouldn't get the course for Free if I hadn't tried. Unedited course..lmao. Lesson 6 - Therapy. Lesson 7 - โ€ฆ

Listenables Loss is Your Gain. Thriving with Bipolar Lessons 1-5

You know if something feels wrong for you at the get go just say NO. After months of bullsh*t and angst and a green light Listenable pulled the plug โ€ฆ

You ARE who you think yourself to BECOME with SEV. Part 2.

Part 2 with Sev. We get into hypnosis,hypnotherapy and quantum leaping into the life you want. We also discuss further the manifestation of lack and how you might be doing this without โ€ฆ


Big Sarge and I discuss his honorable/virtuous military career and the havoc it created on his mental health - including suicidal ideation. How he has sought and received help while on โ€ฆ

The STIGMATIZED States of America

I'm making a big deal about the exclusion of people receiving disability from this round of stimulus checks and how the American govt lied to us. โ€ฆ


Severine and I speak about the collateral damage of. Maladaptive parents, a teen-aged suicide attempt, not knowing what you don't know until you know โ€ฆ

Oh.. Hey COVID still here huh?? And other short stories..

Issues with my medication.. An anniversary we might be experiencing in our sub consciousness coming out in a minor physical way or just kind of off.. It's a real thing. Be kind to yourself โ€ฆ


Michelle and I discuss what it's like living in a home with a bi polar parent. Her book #Breakingintomylife. Her Culture of Compassion workplace โ€ฆ


Heres a copy of my audio prerecord for my speech RETIRE THE STIGMA @podfest GLOBAL SUMMIT... We can do this folks. As a community.


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It's Christopher's birthday... I couldnt let the day go by without a tribute to my first and loudest cheerleader Christopher Richmond aka. my Bris. โ€ฆ

The Overnight Meltdown Report

Im not as ok as I think I am. Stress is a mortal enemy. I talk about a momentary (I hope) relapse into maladaptive coping skills and how I hope to prevent this in the future. Use Code โ€ฆ


I have a conversation with Clisver about her life with Bipolar Disorder . We discuss her " POSITIVITY PASS IT ON Movement and her certified Mindset โ€ฆ


Im trying to remember shit and it's just not happening.. I have exciting news about my role as a speaker at @PODFEST GLOBAL SUMMIT and My continuing โ€ฆ

CHOOSE WISELY - Your Future depends on it.

I talk about how fickle people are here. How my "friend" threw me over for a bag of weed and lost an opportunity she didn't even realize I was going to give her. I tell you guys about my โ€ฆ

Torment in the Ghetto

I talk about an episode of panic and rage I had last night after learning the trailer park I live in is banning pit bulls. My Peanut is ESA so I try โ€ฆ


I have a conversation with SWITCH. Vancouver Island's soon to be breakout hip hop star. We talk meds addiction in patient stays etc. You know all the good shit. Find him on Spotify or on โ€ฆ


We Made It. I Am So Proud of every single one of you. We pulled it off. *sigh* My birthday interview with SWITCH tomorrow. Instagram @switchb. โ€ฆ

Ho Ho Bah Humbug Christmas with a special appearance by SANTA

It's CHRISTMAS.. yay or thank goodness it's almost over. Listen to me talk myself out of a crap mood into a hope for a better 2021. Thanks to Santa Aka Joel Christopher Payne for the โ€ฆ

๐ŸŒ‹๐ŸŒ‹Holy STIGMA Batman๐ŸŒ‹๐ŸŒ‹

I'm livid after a Facebook back and forth with a "friend" of 9 years goes feral regarding the difference between a "normal" hospitalization and a mental health hospitalization. Ignorance is โ€ฆ

Let's Be Honest

I talk about Grief Therapy and how I'm healing from losing Doc and Bris. I kind of go on a little rant about newbie podcasters which segways into why โ€ฆ


Im BACK.. I fill you guys in about my breakdown, hospitalization and slow return to the new normal of life. Theres some talk about acceptance and underding of Bris's suicide . Im gonna be โ€ฆ

Let's ride the Bi - Polar coaster..

mental health month. self care self esteem and being kind. Intro song: Dinosaur Jr. - Whatever's Cool with me. Outro song - Let's Active - Badger




why I really want to help.. plus text chat crisis line and suicide prevention number. Intro song: Van Halen - Right Now. Outro Song : Jesus Jones - Right Here Right Now


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is this good or bad for me as my relationship is hitting a curb. Intro song: REM - Fall on Me Outro song: REM - One I love. #scottward. #scottedwardward #scottwardaz


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I blew it this month

how my depression took over my life. a little about December and my letdown about "friends". still picking up the mess from December. Intro song: Robyn Hitchcok - Cathedral. Outro song: โ€ฆ


Scott money abandonment trazadone night terrors intro song: Hole - Doll Parts. Outro song: Depeche Mode - Never let me down


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More on meds... Overdosing. Death and closure. Intro song: Yelawolf - Til it's gone. Outro song : Dinosaur Jr - Not you again


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This is why we take our meds.

Why I went inpatient in March. Delusional thinking. Medication non compliance. And the Psych ward. Intro song: Earth wind& Fire - September. Outro song: The Posies - Dream all Day



Frenemies and a Goat

People I should not associate with. Intro song: Third eye blind - semi charmed life. Outro song: Yelawolf - Trailer park Hollywood


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Liars and you

A lowdown on my week since the near sexually assault. Also hitting 2000 and getting up and running. Intro song: Jigsaw - Sky โ€ฆ

Dumbest in the Room

I spill the truth on the last night I will ever spend with #scottward. Apple Charts #1 in Mongolia.. #thankyoumongolia #Mongolia Intro song - Guided โ€ฆ

SEASON 3 : The Show Must Go On

I thank my loyal audience for sticking it out with me. I honor my past co host Doc and my cheerleader Bris for probably not the last time. I give you a sneak peek into the future of my โ€ฆ

How Legacies Are Built with: JACOB THORNTON

I speak with Jacob Thornton about his life with High Functioning Autism. We talk medications.. suicide and marathoning. Expect to be surprised and learn a little something. Jacob's โ€ฆ

Some Infinities are bigger than others..

I try to memorialize my best friend Bris after a tragic accident. Catch up on the escape from Overgaard. R.I.P.CHRISTOPHER RICHMOND. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER +1


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I apologize Christopher Tuff - The Millenial whisperer -panic attack or not I blew it.

I no showed on a guest. Worst behavior to show a guest ...but.... I legitimately panicked... For hours... I then talk my stress related delusions into reality... This is a *kid focused* โ€ฆ

Sleep, What's that?

I talk about how my lack of sleep is affecting me.. How my BPD gives me permission to punish myself. My apology to Bris and Austin from Don't worry โ€ฆ


Tommy and I discuss what it takes to live a life with integrity and purpose. We talk about forgiveness , unconditional love, hope, Books and dogs .


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We're all a little bit the same with ERIC KUSSIN

Eric and I discuss the many facets of the mental health institution including psychotropics, ECT, EMDR. We touch on suicidal ideation, agorophobia, stigma and how trauma can be a catalyst โ€ฆ

RAE DU SOLEIL brings light to the future of mental health

RAE and I discuss her contributions towards the advancements of breaking the stigma around having a mental health diagnosis. We also discuss her music and new album and how gen z may not be โ€ฆ

๐ŸŒ“ GOODBYE means: I love you. ๐ŸŒ“

3 unexpected incidents this week that shook my soul... Shout out to #chriscox for his interview. Shout out #Ireland. Listening to Firefall - just โ€ฆ


David woods BARTLEY and I discuss suicide depression molestation and how conscience connection. Can heal. Also an animal analogy story or. three. โ€ฆ


A little about Kobe Bryant and grief occurring from sports news. Off meds...manic.. Restricted numbers and delusion...My appearances on Causepods with Matthew Passey and Threads Podcast : โ€ฆ

BAD AUDIO made me do it

I apologize for bad audio. Discuss what could have been a career ender all while rapid cycling.. I get props for that. I also highlight some changes โ€ฆ

It's FREE to be kind

* there are some sound issues ... I apologize. I promise not to mess with the mic in future shows.. * I talk about Jesus, feral cats , suicide and โ€ฆ


Tracey and I discuss bullying - adult and childhood - and the ramifications. Bullycide and Suicide and Depression. Tracey intro song - โ€ฆ

I am seriously losing my shit...

Depression set up house right in front of me. Didn't see it until a trip to The home Depot. Meltdown Day Extraordinary.. Intro song - Dire Straits - Skateaway. Outro song - Toad the Wet โ€ฆ


I speak with Estelle California about oppression childhood TRAUMA music life and the fine art of learning to love yourself. Intro song - Estelle California - STAR. Outro Song - Estelle โ€ฆ

Almost There - Christmas Depression and Reflection

Update on the whole hotel abandonment thing #scottward. My depression battle continues and Christmas. Intro song - Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl. โ€ฆ

Not happening , today.

Hi Everyone. The holidays are here events cancellation time is here. Crying, guilt and shame won't help anyone through these situations. Maybe this โ€ฆ


I talk to Jaxon.about Baseball wrestling and sibling grief after the loss of his sister Rachel to suicide. We discuss his project YOU ARE LOVED and โ€ฆ

๐ŸŽ™ 1 0 0 0 ๐ŸŽ™

Hit the 1000 listen milestone. Thank you all! Plus a quick catchup with my life. Intro song: N.E.R.D &Future - 1000. Outro song: Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard


Send in a voice โ€ฆ

Boobs + Mental Health = Joanie DiCampli Interview

I talk with Joanie about being a parent of a child with a dual diagnosis and how her product Boobalicious is changing lives. Intro song: The who- squeezebox. Outro song: The Beatles- I get โ€ฆ


Interview with Scott Silverman for national mental health day. We discuss suicide survival ,dual diagnosis, the opioid epidemic and other stuff. with some tech issues thrown in. INTRO SONG: โ€ฆ

SPECIAL. EDITION ๐Ÿ’ฅ JOKER REVIEW ๐Ÿ’ฅ (I cried for Joker)

My review of the movie Joker . ****SPOILER ALERTS MAJOR PARTS OF PLOT GIVEN****** INTRO SONG: Smokey Robinson - Tears of a Clown. OUTRO SONG: Iron Maiden - Tears of a Clown. #joker


coming into my own

Womanifestation course. money and business. Magnolia the elephant and Doc the dog. Scott. Intro song: Clyde Carson - Slow Down. Outro Song: Chicago - โ€ฆ

Out of the UnderWorld with Leanna Anderson

1st interview with Leanna Anderson regarding bipolar, schizophrenia affective disorder and holistic approaches to stabilization. Intro song: World โ€ฆ

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